Where can I find respite care to come into my home and care for mom?

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First, of course, are in-home care agencies. They are expensive, but there are many out there, and some are excellent. Ask for references.
Block nurse programs in some areas, can offer free help. RSVP can offer Senior Companions, also free. Both of these depend on where you live.
You may want to check your state website. Type "aging" in the search box. Look for your state's version of the National Family Cargiver Support Program. These people would likely have some good local information for you.
If your mom is on Medicaid, there may be some help there. Again, it depends on where you live. Your state website is valuable in this search.
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I found the best way to find reliable caregivers is by word of mouth. Ask your friends and co-workers for a recommendation. Also the advice nurse or the social worker at your local hospital is a good resource.
You can also call reputable agencies. They screen and do a good job of matching their staff to the client.
The caregivers I have now, are private hire. You pay less, but you have to do your own screening.
Both methods worked for me. We pay $12-20/hr. here. If you are looking for respite care for a full day, ask about their flat daily fee.
Lastly, call asst. living centers. Ours actually charges less per day that what an in-home caregiver would charge.
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