It seems that some caregivers take vacations and some don't. Any suggestions on respite care for the caregiver?

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Please give some advice on what you did to get some R&R.

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Its tough to find someone good that meets your expertise loving caretaking but they are out there. After 3.5 years I hired a weekend person for 8 hours and a couple of mornings just ot bathe her for me, even if I am home, its a break! I never thought it would happen but its amazing what a better caregiver I can be now because I am not totally stressed out! Other than that we wheel Mom to everything we do and try and make the best of it, with music or singing, we can bring tears to laughter.
There are a few avenues you can look into for back up respite care so you can take a break. First, try looking to any family members who may be in the area who can help out for a weekend, a day or a few hours. If you don’t have family around who can give you a break look to members in your neighborhood or community. Is there a friend or neighbor your family member is close with who can help out at times? Your most reliable source would be hiring and paying someone to work with like luvmom suggested.
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