Is it OK for a resident's daughter to stay all night with her mother?

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You need to review the contract wherever you're mother is living. They are all different and some are under state issued guidelines.

If you are staying because she is ill and you are helping her go to the bathroom, take medications, changing clothing or dressings, etc. you probably need to have it cleared with the medical director as you might be inadvertantly causing staffing issues with how they do things.Also parking seems to be a big issue, so you might want to get a permit issued and attached to your rear-view mirror.

If this is staying over to visit, I'd still check it out with management.

My mom is in independent living and can have overnight guests - no sign in or out or whatever as it is her apt. and there is plenty of room. If you join her for the daily meal it is $ 8.00 weekdays and $ 10 on wkends. which you pay when you get your lunch. However, you cannot have the same guest more than 7 consecutive nights. There are 2 that have regular weekend guests with kids that seem to come in to visit and shop and stay with grandma rather than the Marriott - there were complaints about big garbage bags in the hallway on Mondays, noise, late entry, etc......nothing could be done about this as it was all within regulations and with the consent of the resident.

One of the ladies had to have a hearing on this as she had a niece staying with her for 8 weeks while she went to a specialized training program at one of the universities. It was OK'd but she had to pay for parking.
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Is this at a Nursing Home? if so have you spoken with the Administration? wouldn't they be the ones to answer that question?
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