I would to know the requirement to have caregiver?

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I have 83 and 82 years old grandpa and grandma respectively in my house.They need someone to look after them and assist them in having their regular activities.How to know if they are eligible or not?Who I have to contact with?

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Certainly Grandma and Grandpa can have caregivers or home health aids or presonal care attendants or any other help they want/need, if they can afford to pay for it. Then it is only a matter of carefully picking out qualified care providers and hiring them.

If you are wondering whether they qualify for any programs that would help pay for the costs, then I think a good place to start is the county Social Services department. The intake worker who came out and assessed our situation when my husband developed dementia was absolutely invaluable in pointing out what federal/state/county programs we might be eligible for, how to start the application process, and what other non-government community resources I should look into.

Good luck!

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