If I am paying someone to visit my mom/dad at home during the day how do I report that on their tax return?

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my mom is in rehab and my dad is home and has alzheimer's. i'm going to have someone check on him twice a day and pay for that service. she is a friend/neighbor. if she provides an invoice for her time and declares it on her SE tax return can we claim it on my parents tax return as an expense, i understand that we have to report anything over $600 and provide a 1099 form to her and she will provide us with a W9, correct? thanks!

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You have it Amelia. And you can count it toward medical expenses on their taxes.
You are correct. Just remember medical expenses are subject to 7.5% of adjusted gross income exclusion. Multiply their AGI by 7.5% and the amount above this will qualify for medical expense. Also, don't forget to add any other medical expenses - medicines, amounts not covered by insurance, supplies, transportation, etc. It really adds up fast.

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