How can I remove the cat my mother loves even though she can't care for it?

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My mother's cat is now urinating around her apartment in an independent living residence. I told her this is not acceptable and she became very emotional about it. Her caregiver has gotten stuck cleaning it up. I live two hours from my mother. I think it is time for the cat to go. She said he is her only friend and denies he is actually behaving as I described.

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Could kitty have his own UTI? I think that can cause that behavior in cats. Maybe a vet visit is in order. Another reason this happens is if cat smells another male cat-on a piece of furniture, or even on a new caregiver's clothing-doesn't have to be an obvious or urine odor. Could that be a possibility? If there might be a way to keep her beloved pet that is her "live in family" it would be good. I hope a vet visit solves the problem...
Is the litter box being cleaned daily?? and as was suggested, the cat may need to have a vet visit, cat's are normally very clean animals... so something is going on... please get this checked into before you remove the cat... I am a 'cat person" myself,,, and would hate to loose my girl ... so let us know what you find out... and I really hope your mom gets to keep her cat....
It really would be extremely sad for your mother to lose her pet if there is anything at all that can be done to resolve the unacceptable behavior. First, I'd try a vet.
Yes I wouldn't take the cat away either- my terminally ill mother gets what little enjoyment she has from her cat. If the cat is new to this place s/he will do this to establish his territory.
Please don't get rid of the cat!! That is THEworst thing you could do! I agree with the others about getting the cat to the vet, and keep the litter box clean. Also, your mom needs someone around who doesn't mind cleaning the litterbox,feeding the cat,etc.Before making any decisions,put yourself in your mom's shoes!!!
As someone else said, first the cat litter box must be kept very clean.
Next, the areas that have been urinated on must be cleaned thoroughly with a strong smelling cleanser. After that, spray Lysol (linen scent is least objectionable) liberally where the cat has urinated.
The cat is doing this to mark it's territory or to complain about a dirty litter box. Or, she or he could have an infection. A vet visit is a good idea.
Don't break her heart by getting rid of her best friend.
Please try everything to figure out what is causing the problem with the cat and correct it. Cat's don't usually do this without cause. Losing a beloved pet can really push you over the edge. My dog was lost for eleven days and I really went almost crazy, spent just over a thousand dollars to find him again and he is worth every penny of that to me.
As others have mentioned it could be something as simple as a urinary infection or a litter box needing better cleaning. If something has changed like the litter type being used or there isn't someone cleaning the box often enough cats will do that. Removing the cat could be devastating to your mother the more people are invested in a relationship with a pet the harder it is to lose them. Petsmart and most vet clinics carry things to clean carpets that neutralize cat urine and cleaning the spots also help cut down on possible repeat accidents. If having someone clean the box often enough is an issue they make self cleaning cat boxes now.
A male cat will spray if he is not fixed or if he was fixed when he was older. We have a male that continued to spray and our vet put him on a drug called Ovuban (I think that is the spelling) It is a hormone pill that will stop the spraying. It is usually given initially 3-4 days in a row then about once a week and he will pretty much have to stay on it. Cost here is about 8-10.00 dollars a month. It works. Kitty will calm down and all will be better.
I agree with what everyone has said. It would truly be devastating to your mother to lose this beloved pet. Having a pet around at this end stage of life provides so much comfort to the elderly and is actually proven to be healthy for them. Please follow through with the other's suggestions and let your mother have this source of comfort.

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