How can I get my mother's court appointed guardian removed? She isn't working in my mother's best interest.

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My mother's court guardian is not working in my mother's best interest.This guardian has not taken care of some of my mother's basic health concerns, my mother has had no prescription eyeglasses for 2 years, her teeth have not been attended to, now they are rotted out. Many times I visit my mother her hair is dirty, her nails also. The guardian is unethical and unprofessional. The Alf lost all of my mother's belongings, then when they couldn't find them the guardian said I took them. I wasn't even in the state. That is when the guardian started falsely accusing me and threatening me. Since then she has limited me to visit my mother 1 day a week and 2 calls. I find this isolation to be abusive to my mother since my mother wants to see me and talk to me. My mother also wants to live with me and I want to care for her. The guardian also said I was overstaying my visitation, so I asked a caregiver there she said I could stay till 9:00pm. Then the guardian had the owner of the facility put a sign on the front door saying no visiting hours after 6:30pm, this is an Alf not a nursing home. It also said to not come at breakfast or lunch or diner time. 8:00am, 12:00, or 5:00. This doesn't like there is much time to visit anyone. People ask is my mother a resident there or an inmate. A friend of mine called this ALF to inquire for someone she did ask if there were any restrictions on visitation, she was told by the owner that there were not, infact you could visit when ever you want this is their home you could even spend the night. It seems to me the owner is in on this entire thing with the guardian. Please, if anyone can help! what can I do? Thanks,

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Is the Guardian Public or Private? Why were you not given guardianship in the first place? You stated yoou were not even in the state, does this mean you live in another state? You need to consult an attny so that you can file these complaints with the court.
what state do you live in?
The guardian is professional. No I was not in the state when the guardian accused me of taking my mother's missing items. I am living in the same state now, my brother and I turned the guardian into the inspector general they appt. court monitor, she doesn't agree with me, that is all I was told I can not see the report unless I get an attorney to file petition. I did contact Bay Area Legal waiting to hear back, they took the info, so hopefully they will be able to help. I can not believe the courts allow such abuse from this guardian. I have nothing in my background to prevent me from taking care of my mother, this is all she wants. Talking about the visitation the notice is on the front door like it is their policy about these visitation. These people are all unethical.
I agree with diavalon12. Contact an attny ASAP!! Wish you & your mother the very best.
I take it then that you live in California. Contact the Statewide Ombudsman @ 1-800-231-4024. The ombudsman is really good at listening and investigating issues
that arise with the elderly that live in facilities ie: AIL and SKN. Also if you contact a Attny that deals with guardianships etc they usually will talk with you for free before
they take the case and then charge you for their time.Has APS been involved? If not maybe you should contact them about the abuse as well.
I completely agree and an elder care attorney may be the only one who can help you get to the bottom of this.
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My heart goes out to you. The guardian of my father has taking away the family attending care plans, doctors visits adn so much more. She wants my father family to treat him like he is a visitor. They do not tell the family when my father is at the hospital by himself. My father wants his family with him more but she continues to write untrue statements in her annual report to the court. The court believes everything she says. The attorneys fees are so expensive. We are our parents advocate and we must do all we can do to give the best to our parents until the Lord take them home. Continue to flight for your mom until the end. I love my dad and he just want his family to take care of him not the state. It appears the state is only concern about their pay check and my dad money. Stay strong and do all you can do for your mom.
When a guardianship goes before the court is usually because the families cannot or willnot step up to the plate. Time and time again the guardianship is given to the county public guardian office because the court investigated and APS has agreed it would be in the best interest of the parent. Many times children have abused the person, taken their monies or other things and therefore deemed unfit to oversee the care, needs of a person who cannot care for themselves, many time it just that the family (children) continue to fight among themselves that they cannot agree with what's best for the parent and them the court steps in. Many times children think they know what's best but they continue to cause problems with caregivers that have been assigned to care for the senior. Again you should contact a attny if you feel you are willing to take on this roll.
I am sorry for your pain. I too am having similar problems with a conservatorship/trustee situation. He has alienated me from my mother, is hostile to me and calls me difficult and abusive in court. My problem is with a professional fiduciary in the state of California. One bad apple spoils the lot of them, which is the road that my mother's conservator has taken. They say that it is relatives that financially and physically abuse elders but I say so can guardians and professional fiduciaries. My mom's conservator has moved my mom and not given me a new address, removed all my framed pictures from her room, will not respond to my polite emails and the court allows this because they are overwhelmed and lacking staff to monitor cases due to budget cuts and they have to rely on those who are licensed. But a license does not make a person a good guardian. Like your mom, my mother's teeth are cracked and black due to lack of dentistry, her hair has not been cut and she does not even have any shoes and I have brought this up to the court to no avail. I am scared for my mother and cannot afford an attorney, plus I live in another state making it even harder for me. I gathered up enough air miles recently to fly across the ocean from Hawaii to California to stand before the judge and beg for another conservator and trustee of the estate of which I am sole beneficiary . It is all about money as conservator and his counsel have depleted our family trust from 2.5 million to $730,000 by way of their fees. They sold our family home at 1/2 value to pay their fees and threw away all historical photos, heirlooms, and tangible assets in the house, leaving me nothing of an inheritance or of my family history. There are virtually no governance controlling guardians and conservators so you and I must cry out loud to get this to change. They see alzheimer patients as shells that cannot remember anything, even pain, which is why they are not spending estate money for a dentist. Mom even has a broken femur that they did not even bother to set. Best chance is to try to make friends with the guardian, which I know is really going to be difficult when he/she is hurting your mother. Collect information, do research, and document like crazy and then draft a declaration with all your facts and submit it to the court, asking for another guardian more able to get along with family members and more open to serving the wishes of your mother. Listen, I called the Omsbudsman in San Francisco and the office simply alerted the conservator to my accusations that the conservator did not place mom into the proper facility but maybe your mom's guardian is not so well connected. But keep trying because you only have one mom who protected you as a child and now it is your turn. Be patient because people that are in the wrong business usually end up cutting their noses off despite their faces. Hire an attorney if you have the money or file the declaration pro se but don't give up and know that there is someone else and many others that know your pain and blog, blog, blog, about this because this is of public interest for we will all be old someday. Good luck to you and I am glad to help you in anyway I can. Aloha
This is going on in Florida where my mother is. Since she was baker act while I was in the house attempting to care for her when she didn't want anyone in there. My mother is diagnosed with dementia and on medication the court appointed a non-profit over me since the non-profit now has a retired district attorney as their lawyer went after me as if I was the bad guy. It was wrong. I did no wrong but want to help my mother. I listen to the state case worker for elder abuse tell me to call the police and I did the few times then she was baker act and I was left out told I could only see my mom for a few hours and not stay in the house. The court heard this after their decision and asked the non-profit why I could not stay in the house. They now will let me. Therefore, next month I will visit my mom and stay in her house for three days with her and an aide. I am afraid that the guardianship will do something to say something I did wrong. The non-profit guardianship has done nothing but attempt to taint me. I now find out this is what they do to people. It took over three months to get her teeth fixed and her hearing aid five months. They didn’t cut her hair till four month into her care. Yet they get tons of her money to keep their paycheck going. My mother phone bill went from 16.00 to 48.00 her electric went from 65.00 to 146.00. From the time when I was there to the aides, things have doubled and tripled. The aide they got to live in with her left her alone and they said she was never left alone. I have pictures of her down the street. The non-profit case worker see 300 people a month for an hour, plus attends court hearings. I am sorry but she cannot give proper check up on everyone. The aide down the street was proof that they have too many people to look after and monitor everything with everyone. Elder abuse to me. Everyone needs a certified elder attorney. Learn from my bad experience I didn’t have one. Everyone do as much research as you can as soon as you see any signs of your loved ones show any signs of not functioning right in life.

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