I want to be removed as the Health Care Proxy and trustee for my parent's will. I have verbally been disowned, will I ever get it?

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(See my other post) A legal witnessed note is all it takes to be removed but inside I feel like writing a "biographical" letter explaining the torment I have been through dealing with them. Is this abusive?? They are of sound mind but very dysfunctional. I wonder if they would even get it?

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OGT - I see your point but... in this case perhaps it's better to just be done with it. Give up the PoA, include a brief letter explaining that you believe their interests are best served by someone else. Leave it at that; anything you say may come back to bite you later. If you need to, write a letter and get it all out of your system, share it with a trusted sibling or spouse but no one else. By dwelling on in it you're giving them control again and again and they won't even care that you're feeling bad. Don't give them the power, take it back.
O, I agree with Lynn. Just let it go. Your parents don't care or they wouldn't have disowned you. I am in your "Disowned Adult Kid" club. My mom notified me via a letter from her lawyer that my POA had been revoked. She said I was the primary POA but I wasn't, my son was. I was secondary. That action meant something, it was meant to hurt/humiliate me. When I read that letter, I almost hyperventilated I was so shocked. But you know, she wanted to hurt me, tell me she hated me and that I'd been replaced by her caregiver and she had the legal right to do so. I got over the initial shock and have chalked it up to her proving what I've known all my life and that is she has never liked me, never loved me, always wanted to embarrass me and criticize me unmercifully. My kids saw it firsthand and that is my validation. I hated her for the longest time but now I just pity her.
I take advantage of threads here, when applicable, to tell my story because there are people like us who have lived this nightmare. It hurts deeply to be rejected by your parent(s) no matter how old you are. But we can survive. You can't make someone love you, even if they are supposed to.
Thank you LynnPO and Alwaysmyduty for you responses. I have recently had an email exchange with my parents saying I should not pay any attention to what they said when they were upset. The funny thing is they do not realize it is not just the "your out of the will statement" but an accumulation of terrible things that have been said to me over my lifetime. Why they do not understand that words can hurt as much as physical blows. I am letting it go, no communication at all. It is a sad loss for me especially realizing that I never had or can have the relationship I would have liked with my parents. Again thanks.

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