My aunt is 87 and hasn't felt well for 3 days. What should I do?

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Does she have a Primary care provider? Can she tell you how she doesn't feel well.? Where are you? Could it be the heat/ My grandfather has sort of been eating less today and I can tell he is a bit off but he has not said anything. Call her doc and see what they say in the morning.
Yes she does, we had a appointment for today, but she didn't feel well enough to get dresses and go. She says her hands and feet are hot, which she has naropothy and shaky all inside from head to toe. She has been in bed all day, She has water and drinks very little. I have asked her if she wants to go to the hospital she says no, her bp i was 180 over 77 what should I do
I would call the paramedics they will come and assess her situation if she chooses not to go to the hospital it is ok but they will probably encourage her to do so to be sure she is OK...

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