Can you recover a deposit and rent from an Assisted Living Facility after a parent refuses to move in?

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I signed a lease for my elderly parents for an Assisted Living facility in Florida.
We had to wait nearly 2 months for the apartment to be renovated, when it was to only take 3 weeks. During the wait, my folks interest deteriorated rapidly and they became very hostile and anxious. On the day of the final inspection they had not agreed to move in when the administrator informed us that the rent would be increasing by $300 the next day, if they did not sign the papers.
My wife and I had spent a year looking for the right facility so I encouraged them to try it. The day before their lease was to begin (BEFORE) moving in, they refused to go. I had given the facility 1 $1500 check for a community fee and $2815 for the first month's rent. When I notified the administrator of their decision, she said that I had to forfeit the entire $4315 since the contract was signed. What kind of rights do I have to challenge this morally irresponsible attitude. This is the largest ALF in the country

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Was it your parents money that was lost if it was maybe they should work on getting it back if it was your money can you get the money from them they are the ones who changed their mind.
Do you have a copy of the contract. What does it say regarding the deposit and what actions would cause a default. Your contract will spell things out for you. Even if the contract is worded that you lose your deposit, you can still raise cane by calling the owner, calling the licensing entity (even though it is not a licensing issue) no one likes to be reported. Some times they will give in and give you your money back just cause they do not want to fight you.
Can you contact an ombusman or legal aid in your area on retriving part of the money back, which I guess wil depend upon the contracr you did sign and the AL facility? If they cannot be of help-and the room is paid for-I would somehow devise a plan to prevent another person going into that room-and also paying rent as well. This does not sound like good PR on the part of the facility.
Good luck!

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