Will we have to reapply for Medicaid after my mother "spin down?"

My mother will be entering a nursing home for OT and PT with a Medicare HMO paying for this. Once this is final, she will be placed in long-term care and apply for Medicaid. She will spin down to the amount allowable after she enters the nursing home and receives a limited amount of PT and OT. As her POA, we filled out forms today (she will be admitted to nursing home next Tuesday) for application for Medicaid. It will take three or four days for her to "spin down". Is there a possibility that we will have to re-apply to Medicaid at that time?

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I doubt it. Just keep the Medicaid people informed. You may have to hold off on the finalization of the Medicaid while she spends down, but you can have everything in place. Talk with the person you've been working with on the Medicaid papers. They will likely just put off the Medicaid for those days and you will pay the nursing home directly, or else you'll pay the money to Medicaid. Each state is a little different.
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