I have to quit my job to care for mother. Can I get paid still?

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my mom has dementia she lives with my brother and l he found a job now im quiting mine to care for her can i get paid for it

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I have been caring for my 87 yr old mother (2 weeks she will be 88) for 2 years, since she came to live with me. last year in July she had a stroke and after three months in a nursing home she came home, and can't walk without a walker or wheelchair, and basically does nothing but sit or sleep all day. She has become jealous of my friends, doesn't want me to leave her (which I seldom do) and we have recently gotten into a couple of mean spirited arguments lately where she responds back to me with biting comments. I know she loves me and I love her, but honestly I just don't know what to say when she resorts to punishing remarks.... please help!

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