What can we do to see if mom qualifies for extra disability benefits?

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My mom has been completely disabled for 5 years (cannot use legs or right arm and is wheel chair bound and needs help bathing, diaper changing, in/out of bed. She only gets $500/month SS. Dad is alive and their reverse mortgage is almost gone. We need help in trying to see where we may be able to get extra funds to help pay for a live-in. They do have a small pension, plus dad's SS, but there is less than a 10 months left of funds to pay for a live-in that we pay $500/wk for. Any information will be greatly appreciated. My siblings and I cannot afford to pay as we live pay-chec-to paycheck in this economy and are barely getting my ourselves (and we are all in out late 50's -- so we have to worry about our care and retirement). I know this sounds terrible, but we want them to be able to live in this own home. With the reverse mortgage they can't be thrown out but they can't live without this in-home care. My dad also has an advanced case of emphysema, and he is getting to the point that we may need someone to come in weekly to help him bathe -- he tires easily and gets very winded just walking a few steps so he won't take a bath or shower (afraid of falling) I understand that Medicare may pay for someone to come in for him once a week, but we can't seem to get answers from Medicare.

Anyone that can help us with this dilemna is greatly appreciated.

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Do you mean MedicAID? or MediCARE.

As I understand it, anyone on SS disability is automatically qualified for Medicaid. In some states you have to apply separately, but it is a slam-dunk. It really sounds to me like both of your parents should be on Medicaid. Are they?
They are currently on Medicare with their social security benefits and small pension. If they didn't need a live-in, their funds would probably last for the next 5 years or so, however, there are only extra funds for about 6-8 months for a live-in, then they will only have Dad's pension -- I doubt they can qualify for medicaid unless medicaid pays for in-home care. As to putting her in a nursing home -- that isn't an option at this time. She has been in three different rehab/NH over the past few years and even though they were highly rated, she got bed sores and they wouldn't let her have her motorized wheel chair -- therefore they either left her in bed or sat her in a wheel chair that they put at the station. They didn't clean her well and sometimes let her sit in poop because they were "short-handed". That causes the tissues to break down. We want her home as long as possible. Also, it is less expensive to have someone live-in than placing her in a nursing home
My mom is not collecting disability, just regular social security -- I want to find out if we can apply for disability benefits which I understand are higher -- perhaps there is a Disability lawyer that is reading this that may be able to provide some direction. and how much more they think she can get (disability/supplemental ins)
kmstevensil, don't be so sure that your parent's won't qualify for Medicaid without looking into it carefully. Medicaid has a program specifically for elders staying in their own homes. It does not provide 24 hour in-home care (because at that point a nursing home would be more cost-effective) but it does cover various care options, depending on need. For example, it might cover a bathing aide, a house cleaner, perhaps nurse visits, a health aide or personal care attendant, etc. It also covers equipment, incontinence supplies, and some home modifications, such as grab bars and an access ramp.

In my state the program is called Elderly Waiver but I think it has other names elsewhere. It is definitely a Medicaid program and I really think your parents will qualify. Why not give it a try?

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