Can I put my mother in a facility without her permission, she's not of sound mind, refuses to go to a doctor to get proof of this.

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My mother in her late 70's suffers from dementia, my siblings and I are all married over age 50. My brother and sister do not want to put her in a facility. She has insurance for this. My mother has become nasty, insulting, very combative over everything. She chased people out of her life. She refuses medical treatment. How can they make a diagnosis without her permission? She slapped me infront of my wife. She can't live alone, she eats rotted food and can't properly take care of herself, let alone the animals or her house! Everyone is in denial here. My siblings are ignorant people. They don't want to listen to other people with more knowledge.. A very dysfuntional family.

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Your gonna half to get the state involve. if she is competent theres nothing you can do if she makes her own decision, but if she is doing all this, then you need to get legal action..i would get ur sisters and brothers in volve with this ,,i have seen families put their love ones in pych unit for eval secretly it was cruel, they trick her to get her out of the house, when they got her there she came more combative and yes she had dementia as well, now she is in a lock unit in a alz center..its a mean thing to do but for her safety as well as yours then i would seek some legal help...good luck
Do you have durable and/or medical POA over her?

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