Should we put my my diabetic, not very mobile elderly grandmother in a nursing home?


My grandma is diabetic, overweight and she walks, but not often. My wife and i can no longer take care of her. Should we put her in a nursing home?

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Yes there usually comes apoint when you just can no longer do the caregiving and the best thing for the elder is to be placed-find one near you so you can go in often and at times bring her home. She will get activity and PT so as to maintain her strength and get healthy meals-I would visit as many as I could most are pretty good but some have points that are important to you like great activities nice grounds great food good social workers kind staff etc. and as you visit you will be more informed and if you have to apply for medicade do yourself a favor and go to see an elder lawyer and let the social worker help you with the paper work which they can do easier than you and quicker because they want to get paid as soon as they can-and it is a daunting job. Let us know how you are doing and if you have questions the folks here will be of much help.
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