My Mother has Alzheimer’s, we just put in a memory care center, and we feel so guilty. What should we do?

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The asst living place my mother-in-law is in has a 'memory care unit'. What are they like? I've heard they are the best place for people that aren't too far gone with Alz yet. You know, your mom is going to cry even if all you did was move her to a different room. They don't like or can't handle change anymore, so you are doomed no matter what you do at this point. The place where my m-i-l is told me that their memory care unit tries to keep the person busy and focused
so that they are able to keep whatever brain they have left as long as possible (my interpretation) so it sounds like a good idea to me. But I'd be interested to hear what you're going to find out about it. Let us know.

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