Is it practical to put my mom on catheter to avoid leaking on her bed?

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She leaks urine 24/7 I can't afford to buy her diapers I am unemployed for close to 11 months. I don't live in USA I live in the Philippines. Lately, there was typhoon and during rainy days mom leaks urine so much. Next day I have so many soiled clothes pajamas pillow cases blankets bonnets socks cloth diapers to wash it gives me back pain and headache to be doing the laundry by myself. We don't have a maid or caregiver we can't afford it. Diapers also cannot afford anymore. I figure out if she lives for another 5 to 10 years I'd better find a way for her to get used to the catheter inserted on her. Please share your thoughts.

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The only thing I can add is that I'm very sorry about your circumstance. Please try you local Social Services, and also talk with her doctor. There should be someone who can assist you in some way.
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