I am caring from my elderly spouse, how do I protect myself from liability?

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My adult stepchildren believe that I am not taking good enough care of their parent, who is chronically ill with several health issues. What do I need to do to prove that I am doing all I can for their parent's health and wellbeing; proper diet, safe home environment etc.?

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Do you let the family see him on a regular basis?
Do you let the family review all meds and doctor visits?
Be and open book but with boundries. Do you have POA, medical over him?
Let them help at any point to manage care but if you have Medical POA, they really have no say, you can just let them think they do. I suggest you speak to and Elder Law Attorney to make sure what your rights are in your state. Let the attorney play hard ball with the children if they are being rude and mean. Just my thoughts?

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