Is there a way to protect the knobs on a gas stove from turning? This happens often.

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This sounds dangerous, is your Mom doing this? I saw your profile, says shes got depression, is this her only issue? You should be able to remove the knobs,or, I don't have children but I think there may be child proofing gadget for this. Try calling your gas provider and see if they have a solution.
It is amazing that this just happened to my Mom this week. We just moved her to a new apartment. Unfortunately, they had a gas stove....which my Mom has always hated. Added to that, it was a very old model and one knob could be turned on without having to press down first and you have to light the burners by hand. Well, Mom accidentally hit it and turned it on a little. By the time we got to her apartment you could smell gas in every room. We opened all the windows.
I taped down all the knobs and called her manager the next day. They capped off the gas and gave her an electric range.
The newer gas ranges are a little safer, you really have to intentionally turn the knob down to turn it on and I believe they have instant ignition.
I would not let Mom have a gas stove...I worry about the fumes as well as her catching on fire from the open flame...yikes!
good luck
Hi.Thank you for your kind replies. Yes, it's my mother doing this.
I live with her. She was always been a little slow/limited and is worsening with age. I will find the gas knobs turned with gas fumes coming out..she probably brushes up against them accidentally. I don't know:( I find out from the smell.She is slow, so the smell of gas she will never recognize. If I were not here who knows what would happen. I looked online and found knob covers..they are called Clear View Stove Knob Covers.

I bought knob covers for my mom. She managed to remove two of them. At that point, I took off tthe rest of the knob covers and knobs. That was the end of that problem. I also had a toaster oven in the kitchen, which I hid in another room.
Ironically I happen to drop by parents last night to find them sitting watching TV, completely aware that they turn all 4 gas burners on to low without igniting the burners. I guess they were cleaning the stove, thinking low was off. The moment I opened the front door I immediately smelled the gas. I rushed to the stove and turned all the burners off before getting them outside. They were clueless sitting there. If I hadn't showed up last night, I really don't think they would be alive today. Since then I turned off the gas line feeding the stove and I will replace it with electric today.

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