Has anyone hired private duty aides for homecare? What problems did you have if any?

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We plan to pay the taxes, etc.

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I strongly advise against hiring someone who doesn't work for a home care business. They are trained, Insured, bonded, and in some states they are certified and licensed. All taxes are paid and if anything goes wrong, they are responsible.
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I agree with the above answer. We had several different caregivers for my mom. One wanted to be paid 6 weeks in advance. Things change during that time, and sometimes she was overpaid so I had to go away to make up for it. Also, if a private caregiver quits, you have to have find a replacement. If you go thru an agency, it is the agency's responsibility to find a replacement. Also, if a caregiver just sits there and doesn't do anything or just talks, talks, talks all the time, she can be reported to his/her superiors. In my aunt's current situation, the nurse supervisor of the caregivers comes every six weeks to check up on her. The agency, in turn, has to answer to the local Dept of Aging and a social worker from that dept comes periodically to check up on my aunt and the agency's care.
I helped mom hire someone from a local agency to help her 2 days a wk. Mom got sick (she recovered) requiring 24 hr care in her home so my kids and I,along with the caregiver, took care of it. Mom doesn'tt have Alz/dementia. Mom now has the caregiver living with her, cut off all ties with us and my lawyer says it's mom's right to do what she wants. The agency checked out great, so did the caregiver. They became friends. The owner of the agency became her friend. Do I think it was sneaky, yes, but it 's hard and costly to prove. Just be careful. While the kids and I were working during the day . . . lets just say the mice will play.

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