I am the primary caregiver for my 80-year-old father-in-law. He has no health problems, just likes to make life bad in the home. What can I do?

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Is this a change for him? If he's always had a difficult personality, then maybe it's just "him," and you have to decide if this is working for you and your family, or if you need to get other care for him.

However, if this is new behavior, he may have developed dementia, and what you are seeing is personality changes - one sign of some types of dementia. Also, there's depression and to consider. If he hasn't seen a doctor in awhile - maybe he should.
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What exactly is he doing? If he has no health problems, then it appears this may just be a cry for attention. It could just be that he is lonely and bored.

What you need to do is contact his local Office of the Aging and see if there are any senior day care centers or senior activities that he can be a apart of.

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There is only a nursing home in our area that I take him to on a daycare bases whe his inhome care person is not available. He has ran off all his firend who don't want to deal with rude behavior to people. He is crying for attention but he is trying to get it the wrong way. We have had pastor and his dr tt to him about his behavior. When his caretake, the nursing home people and even my mother have him for the day he is a great guy. My husband and I take care of his daily needs: home, food, medication, keep him safe, excersise, outings, and conversation to include him as a family member. He just does a 180 with his attitude when my husband or I are in the room. He really becomes helpless when my husband comes home. We dont let him rope us into his helplessness we still have him do his chores and keeping his room up. We feel that he needs to keep active. I think I need to look into a senior therpist.

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