What are some things to do in order to prevent burn out? Plus how not to let others depression rub off on you?

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Just wonder how to advoid depression if the one your caring for goes through times of depression? Plus any tips to advoid caregiver burnout? I have been through that before, and wow its extreme, and not something I want to fall back in. Thanks, and the best to all caregivers. I relize the effects it puts on your life if you have little help. Or time to yourself.

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Respite care.

You absolutely must get away, for short periods frequently, and for longer periods once in a while.

We absolutely cannot do this 24/7/365 and remain healhty, stable, and able to continue. Yes, it is very hard to arrange. Yes, it can be costly. But, yes, it is absolutely essential for us the caregivers and also for the person we are caring for.

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