My 83-year-old mother walks around the house partially clothed even though her 32-year-old grandson lives there too. What can I do?

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she had a stroke in dec/09. could this have anything to due with this issue.

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Hi Sable-I am not an expert...However it sounds to me as though she may have vascular dementia. You may want to check ths out with her neurologist or PCP-to see what options might be available. Once it is determined - then proceed to check further online, with a support group, and even this forum. If this is a dementia or even a form of Alzheimer's-I would be in contact with your local chapter of the Alzheimer's Association -or contact them at their 24/7 hotline-the # is : 1-800-272-3900.
Good Luck!
While you're checking the problem out with her neurologist, I would treat her like you used when your kids were young. Check them to make sure they are properly dressed before they walked out the door. Just make it a normal routine. If she were in her right mind, she'd appreciate you 'having her back' so to speak.
Excellent idea, naheaton, to treat the mother in the way you suggested. You are correct - she would want to be dressed properly and now she needs to be prompted. What I hope is that the mother doesn't start "stripping" once she is properly dressed. You know how kids were when they were young - clothes were sometimes just a nuisance so off they came! :-)

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