How should I prepare my dad for the departure of the home health aide that he has become very attached to?

My father had a stroke a few months back and he has made leaps and bounds in his recovery, but my question is he seems very attached to his home health aide who comes in daily, we can't afford to keep her much longer, what should I do so that he isn't so distraught when the time comes for her to leave?

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To become attached to a caregiver is very natural. All that I can see is that your prepare him. Let him know it's like being attached to a nurse in the hospital. When when it's time to go home, then the patient must give up this person.

It will be hard, but I'd try to prepare him ahead so the cut isn't sudden. Maybe you could even cut down on hours gradually. If that is an option, I'd advise it.

Either way, look for grief and tell him you understand, but this is a business not a family relationship.

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