My sister is Power of Attorney for my father who has a lot of money and she has taken every right away from him. How can I stop her?

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Hes not even allowed his bank books,is there anywere i can go for help,as this is so upsetting thankyou alison

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I am POA for my mother-in-law but at one point I thought it was a good idea for my husband's brother (son #2) to also be added as POA. Now it is that all 3 of her sons are on every account she has, as co-owners in essence. When she dies my job will be over. The POA is only good till the person dies, which is why we needed her sons on her account. However, I am the only one that has the checkbook and pays her bills. I also set it up online so that all the sons, should they want to , could see what I've been up to. Keeps everyone happy and honest. Hope this gives you an idea of what might work for you.
If your father wishes to revoke the POA, I believe all he has to do is tell his attorney. If he is of sound mind and not under her legal guardianship, he can change it at any time. Get in touch with your family attorney.
With multiple POAs involved, do all have to agree before any action is taken? If only one can take action, please ensure you are not in jeopardy by the actions of another. Bank transactions track the person taking action, but those actions can still conflict with the resources you need to manage for the person's benefit.
my sister applied for power of attorney about 8 weeks ago me and my brother were never asked,i have just recently found out her husband is also p.o.a. to my dads affairs,he has got mild alzeimers but knows whaes going on,hes going crazy asking for his things back,shes taken every right from him,shes even stopped his daily papers being delivered,and told to cut down on the gas as the bill was to expensive,theres 2 many things to heart broken,me and my brother were looking after him every alternate night shes even stopped that,because if we are there we know what is going on,i wont her husband of the p.o.a. even my father says he will pay 4 my name to be put forward.but she wont give him his bank books etc.ive rung her and she hangs up on me.i dont know were to turn as i think everything i try to do will cost me money/hoping someone has some information to help me/my brother says jhes sick of it all and tends to bury his head in the sand thankyou 4 your replies /
If I were you I would seek legal advice!
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If you are a man, you need to stop being HEARTBROKEN already and instead TAKE SOME ACTION!!

The way you describe your sister, she is abusive, evasive, and disrespectful to all parties. You say that your father has a lot of money and wants your name to be "put forward", but oh, boo-hoo, your sister won't give him access to his bank book to pay for it. Well, you and your head-buryin' brother need to figure out how to "put forward" your own money to get the POA changed to YOU exclusively. Then your father can allow you to reimburse yourselves for what should be a small expenditure.

Your sister may end up benefitting form this too, as she will have more time to focus on cutting back on her own gas and devising other personal austerity measures.

good luck.
hello i am trying my best,i have been to try and get advice,community legaladvice are ringing me back this morning and i will be back with hopefully some good news later thankyou everyone
CallmeIshmael, what is it with you. Don't make fun of people. Boo Hoo, how insensitive. This is not the first time I have seen you do this.
We went through the same thing last year. My sister thought she was all that and a bag of chips and took everything from my mother and hid all her money and never told my mother. Mom changed her POA to her brother who has her best interest at heart. It took both my sister and I out of the loop which was the right thing to do and put someone in to take care of mom. I also had Dept of aging protective services invesitigate and most of mom's money back since sister would not give up the money. They interviewed mom and looked through all the bank statements and found everything and it didn't cost us a dime. They were lifesavers....... There is a great deal of help out there with the dept. of aging. Just look online if you can. I got all my info from this website and it helped me tremendously.
hi everyone i got legal advice today,had to ring office of public guardian for the forms/then rang the court of protection/does anyone know how long it normally takes/it seems like its going to be a while/they put in for it about 8 weeks ago and i was told today its taking around 13 weeks at the moment to finalize p.o.a. will catch up with you all later ty /

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