Do I have to have POA to move my mother from a out of state long term facility to a facility where I live?


Do I have to have POA to move my mother from a out of state long term facility to a long term facility where I live? After 2 mini strokes, she had to be moved from the rehab unit to the long term unit. They have applied for Medicaid on her and it is still pending. My mother says she hates it and now wants to be by me. I am currently researching long term facilities here. But wondered if I had to have POA. Also, can the out of state facility make me responsible for her debt since Medicaid is still pending?
Thanks, Barb

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Move her in with you so you can be close to her. Then you can get in-home care to help with her.
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Thank you for responding. That’s a relief. No, I did not sign anything at all at the NH.

Now, I have another issue. When my mother was in rehab, the bldg. manager of her apt., came by and brought her checkbook (with her permission), so that she could pay November rent. Her checkbook was left at the NH security office. She has not paid December and January (since it is coming up). When I asked the NH social worker to help my mom make the check out to pay the rent for these months, she said…. “Oh no, I can’t do that, as she has been Medicaid pending since Nov. 26th, when this facility became her permanent residence, if the rent is paid, Medicaid will penalize and the NH costs is a lot more than what the rent is”. Could I go ahead and pay the rent instead, or is it still considered as being the same as my mother paying it?

When I talked to the bldg. manager of my mother’s apt. he said the only way he can let me in to get her personal stuff and any bank records, etc., is if I have POA. She has been there 40 years, I would think they would show some compassion considering what has happened. I know my mother never had a POA done or any other legal documents for that matter. Yes, I have talked to her about this many times. The last she had said, was she was considering it. Too late now. Anyway, I know they are probably about ready to start the eviction process. I cannot get to the state my mother is at until probably January. If the eviction process has started, I’m wondering if I would still be able to get in her apt. with a POA?

I would hate to see everything end up on the street. This has turned into a real mess. I am only able to take baby steps. So far, I have visited some NH’s here in my state to possibly move her into. And of course, I have to wait and see if they will accept her on the basis that they can care for her.

The apartment issue is now bothering me the most.

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No, you don't need POA to do this. (You may want/need to set up POA for other reasons.) POA has nothing to do with moving someone; it is about authorization for handling financial transactions and legal matters. If Mom wants to go and you want to take her, that's enough.

Did you sign anything taking on responsibility for your mother's NH expenses? If so, yes they can probably hold you responsible. If not, no they can't. But if they agreed to accept Medicaid and Medicaid is pending they'll get paid.
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