Can a Power of Attorney lose if he is arrested?

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My brother, who was never in my parents or my life until 2 days before my father died. After my father died, he took advantage of my mothers grief and failing mental capacity and had her sign over POA to him. He has been divorced 3 times, alcoholic and is dependent on pain medication. Unfortunately my mother has a major stroke under his "care" and is in a nursing home. He is spending my fathers estate money on himself. I can not do anything about this because I can not afford attorney. He has now been arrested for selling drugs. Can he lose his POA if he is convicted?

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Contact the Attorney General Office in your state. Can your brother lose his POA
if he is convicted? That is an excellent question. Why do you apply for
guardianship in the courts. If he is convicted and the courts appoint your
guardian I think that might override his POA. I am not sure. Aging Care has
excellent lawyers you might want to give a shot out to one of them.

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