My mom is 68 has dementia, does anyone know why she spots like she is on her period?

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Her Doctor is going to do a D and C. Im afraid of anestisia pushing her more into dementia. Ive heard hospital stays and anestisia wrecks havoc on dementia patients. She has a pre-op on the 28th of this month so any info would be greatly appreciated. They already checked for other reasons (infections, scraped her uterus, etc) and she has never had a hysterectomy so just wondering if this has happened to anyone. She went through menopause in late 30s for 10 years. Just extra info. Thank You

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Are they planning on knocking her totally out? Normally I would say just to use Versed just to make her not care or remember, but with dementia you're right, it just may wreak havoc with her already fragile mind. What did her doctor say about this? And I sure don't like the whole spotting thing at her age. The first thing that came to my mind other than what you've already ruled out, isn't good. You need to rule out cancer, so I guess if she were my mom I'd push for whatever tests she needs, dementia or no dementia.
They are doing a D and C to rule out cancer. And if she does have it she just wants to be comfortable with no chemo or radiation because I just lost my dad 1 year ago with cancer and the chemo just made him sick and killed him faster. My mom is very depressed and on anti-depressants and she prays to die everyday and night. I feel so helpless because I love her so much and cant imagine my life wihout her but yet I understand her feelings too. Ive been taking care of my mom 24-7 for 2 years now and it has been a very hard time for me and my family but I wouldnt change nothing. Im scared to deah of this operation. Talked to her pcp and she was wondering why the dr that is going to do the D and C why he wasnt going to do a hysterectomy. I dont know why. And yes cancer is something they brought up. Im just scared and need feedback from anyone and evryone who will listen. Im SCARED............
MM-I am sooooo sorry for what you are going through! That would be soooo scary! I have never been through this but I just felt the need to respond to you! I am listening! She seems to understand what may come of this...and although it is hard-you do understand her and her wishes... Be sure to get second opinions-there may be some other options? Or you may get the same answers and feel better about what you can do? So sorry for what you are going through! Praying for you!
MM, my mom died in 2011 of cancer, so I get it.

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