When is it time to place our mom into a nursing home from assisted living?

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Mom has dementia/Stroke and is incontinent to some degree, she is also a fall risk. With her dementia progressing she is living in the past more now and gets confused on why the people she knows aren't comming around. (Most of them have passed on) even when we have told her they have passed away. She has incontinent issues and refuses help to do any kind of personal care.When we do go to give her baths etc. she refuses to the point of combativness and yes at 94 she is strong as an ox...........so short of physically restraining here we are at a loss on what to do??!

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I am sorry to hear about your mom. Becoming a caregiver is never easy and unfortunately their is no manual for it.

Here is an article written by our AgingCare.com experts that I thought might help you.

How To Tell if Parents Are Ready for Assisted Living

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Karie H.

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