Can you legally place a liner in a depend and only change just the liner if wet?

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Great answer from Jeannegibbs. If you are an in-home caregiver from an agency, you'll need to ask the agency for guidance. But if you are a family caregiver, there's no reason why you can't just change the liner if that is all that is wet. This is about keeping the person dry and healthy. Period.
Thanks for caring enough to ask!
Hmm ... I didn't know that there are laws about use of incontinent liners. Maybe there are rules for long-term-care facilities. I don't know.

But for at-home use, do whatever works! If you catch the wet liner before the briefs have become wet, why would change both? That seems to me to be not only unnecessary but expensive and ecologically unsound. Why spend money on a fresh Depends and put a clean one in the landfill?

Sometimes, of course, you will have to change both. But changing the liner frequently and leaving the clean breifs in place sure makes the most sense to me.

(And I doubt that the Depends police make house calls. :) )
Jeannegibbs, actually, my mom did this herself. She said that the pads were cheaper than the the depends anyway and...if she was going out, she felt more secure that nothing would seep. I can't imagine there being some sort of thing saying this is abuse. Like I said, mom did it herself. God bless you, you're such a great person and caregiver.
I saw a post earlier about getting stains out of diapers. Anyone knows what type of reusable diapers are available?

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