Is there a phone that would be easy for my elderly father to hold onto and push the call buttons in case or an emergency?

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How about a voice activated phone?
great idea, naheaton, i never heard of one before, but thats a great idea!! i was thinking one of those 'ive fallen and i cant get up' things, in case of emergency, but they dont make regular calls.i think the phone company has big button phones, sometimes they are free for seniors/disabled..
There is a phone called the Jitterbug you buy the phone then sign up for min. like 50 a month for about 24 dollars inc. taxes and fees it is large and easy to use just push on and dail the number it comes with a charger the phone cost about 175 dollars but you just pay for the min plan after that and very simple to use,
the jitterbug is a cell phone, right? a good idea, if he can understand the idea of sometimes they just dont understand the concept of cell phone, so they wont use it. but jitterbug is a good idea since it can go wherever he goes.
A cell phone is a great idea. My father has one and is beginning to get the hang of it. However he has very large fingers and still has to touch the voice activation key to get going. I just need something larger enough that he can hold it in his hand and use it to push the one key without touching anything else.
The Jitterbug is big and the buttons are large and you can take your time.
Voice activated phones might now work well for elders with weak or trembling voices. If you can get a cell phone with big numbers and one that is activated by flipping it open, that's a good option.. Verizon has one but wants a 2 year commitment and the monthly rates are too high in my opinion.

there are all kinds of large button phones, some even have volume control on the handset. The best prices I've seen are at Radio Shack and There is a catalog that has lots of items for people who need help due to arthritis - it's called Golden Violin. They are online and can also send a catalog: 877-648-8400. They also have phones with large buttons.

To address your original question about something to hold onto - what about an old pencil with an eraser at the end, use a lot of duct tape to adhere it to a rubber ball or tennis ball and form some kind of "handle". This might look ugly but it s only temporary and will do the trick until you can find something better looking.
The duck tape with a tennis or something similar might work. I'll give it a try, Thanks.
I bought my Mom a regular "princess" style, trimline phone with nice-sized keys. I programmed in all her favorite numbers in the memory and wrote out the names/codes and taped it to the phone base. So now she just presses the memory key then one number. She really like this feature because it was hard for her to hit all the right numbers and she kept misdialing.
It is getting difficult to find "land line" phones anymore. You can see the model here:
good luck
I think there is one for children called Firefly, too. But the first step is to call your provider,assuming you want to stay with the same one. You will have to choose from the phones they offer.

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