My mother-in-law was diagnosed with osteoporosis. How can we get her to be more careful at home?

My mother-in-law was diagnosed with osteoporosis. She insists she's careful at home and has not changed any activities. How do we convince her? She is 83-year-old

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It is not what she did but what she needs to do the doc you diagnosed her should have told her what she needs to do to keep it from getting worse it is age related maybe you could slowly get her information from your computer and let her read up on it first she needs blood work to find out her vit D level and needs to eat calicum rich foods and think about starting meds but very carefully when I saw my oral surgeon he told me how dangerous one popular med was if you had to have teeth pulled lucky for me I forgot to take the once a week med more often than not and so far I am ok-just be aware that sales reps push meds on docs by giving them free dinners etc and may not have your best interest in mind-have you ever had to wait a long time to see your doc and then see a sales rep come out of your docs office, Also your Mom will find out what she can due to keep healthy and avoid fractures.
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It is usually best if a doctor or professional explain to your mother-in-law what she needs to do to be careful...but it wouldn't' hurt to arm yourself either. There are a bunch of studies out there you can look at that talk about osteoporosis and how to live with it.
Thanks for the comments back. The doctor did explain to her (wih my sil present) but she seems to refuse to listen or obsorb the information. She had bloodwork done and is on an additional VitD supplement as per the dr. I use to work in the pharma industry so we are aware of the sales rep pitch and we researched the med and supplemtn she is taking. She was told by the dr to cange her former activities (ie climbing ladders, doing heavy yard work) she's very active 4 her age. We read studies to her and scenarios of other people but she was seems to not hear it. We left stuff 4 her to read and found it in the garbage-most likely unread.
We're just wonderig if what people do to reinforce the dr. recommendations?
My mother cracks ribs when she coughs and broke her ankle by standing and looking into the refrigerator so I dont know if limiting her activities will make all that much difference. If she lives alone I might try to set up a system so that she is monitored-- like the first alert system. An 83 year old woman who is active will not - all of a sudden become careful anyway and you dont really want her to be afraid to live anyway. Sometime you need to know when you have done enough and realize that it is their decision. You are going to worry -- that is your job--- but you might not be able to change anything And dont beat yourself up if something does happen. You know you did your best for her and it is now up to her.

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