If a person is deemed incompetent, how can you get a family member who is willing to sign consents?

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you can't make any family member take on that responsibility if they don't want it, if no one will step up, then the courts will appoint a guradian, hope this helps
EJBUNICORN is exactly correct. If no family member wants to sign consents, then the Court will appoint a guardian.
I removed mom from a nursing rehab AMA since she has already maxed out on phy therapy, she wanted out, was depressed, bruised, not bathe regularly, etc.
The Dr reported me to the Dept of aging who paid me a surprise visit and found mom happy and well cared for. I took her to the hospital 8 days later because she had some signs of stroke but she was ok - just needed oxygen. She was admitted for observation. Her MD who was upset with me suddenly declared her incompetent. She further had a 2nd MD from her network declare mom incompetent. They did not let me take her home. The dept of aging said she would call for an emergency guardian by a judge. Conveniently she can not name me PAO while incompetent which she is not. Although she knows I have protected Mom for years, she does not let me be guardian because I removed her from an abusive situation. They do not allow me to bring another MD into the picture. She is becoming a healthcare system clique prisoner. She wants to be home with me not in a nursing home. We are low income but I can and want to take care of her or at least fight for her to have a voice. What can I do to prepare for court to gain guardianship of mom who is 83.
If your mother is in a nursing home contact the Ombudsmen they are independent of anyone and are there only to look after your mothers best interest.

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