Why are people allowed to suffer and animals are allowed to go in peace?

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Because some people wouldn't hesitate to euthanize the unwanted elderly before they are ready. These are the same people who use this method to put done an unwanted pet. I am all for ending suffering, but not at the expense of the elderly or animals because they no longer serve a useful purpose.
I believe that HOSPICE is available for the elderly who meet certain criteria. The service keeps end of life patients COMFORTABLE.
This does not kill them, it keeps them comfortable and calm as they transition. It is reasonable and humane.
Hospice is a frequent topic of discussion on Aging Care.
We are on hospice they have not done anything they've said they have let my mom suffer needlessly taking up to three days to come out I have heard a lot of good things about them but in my case they were horrible things are better now but I had to get really mad first hopefully no one will ever have the experience we have had with them
Yes, you have to challenge them, make them hear you. I have had to make more noise over the care of my Mother than with my children. Wish she had spoken up for me even once when I was a child. Oh well. I suppose I used the lessons of neglect to be a super Mom and caregiver. Can't shut me up over injustice.
There are many layers to that question. I agree with Debralee is that people would be euthanized before their time because they are no longer deemed as useful.
You also have Christian viewpoints of God is the giver and taker of life.
There is also a point that humans (many times) have some form of health insurance. There are times when myself and other family members have felt that patients are many times prolonged because insurance is paying pretty well. Medical technology has been a blessing and a curse. Many patients who would have passed from a stroke, heart attack or cancer decades ago have been saved -- only to live more years and develop dementia, Alzheimers, etc. and slowly lose all touch with reality. We keep older people alive to have a growing population of elderly people who are sacred, confused, etc.
You also have groups that believe people should be kept alive forever pretty much to the point of life support for eternity.
So there are many facets to this issue.
I don't know. It may be a good thing. It would be terrible to be old and have an abusive child that controlled you by saying he/she was going to put you to sleep. That would be awful. :-0
I remember thinking about that when my FIL was not eligible for surgery and was placed in hospice. He basically starved to death since he was not able to have anything except clear fluids due to his intestinal perforation.

When our beloved Newfoundland had bone cancer we were able to euthanize her to put her out of pain. We weren't able to do the same for a human.

As people have pointed out, if its too easy, as it is with animals, it will be misused- as it is with animals.
That is a tough one. You would have to get it regulated and have very strict laws on the books. Unfortunately, I just do not think it is that easy. At this point we would choose hospice. Hospice was wonderful when my mother fell ill with ALS. I was tough, but they did make it a bit easier.. I would do the same for my father.
Just wanted to say to trunner0 that you can change hospices. You do not have to stay with the hospice you started out with. Good luck to you. Check to see if your hospice is a not for profit group or a for profit organization. If they are "for profit," they make a lot of money off of each patient and they don't want to lose you. Threaten to leave and see what happens.
people are being euthenized right now from what ive been reading . at some point when a hospice nurse cranks up the morphine they are fully aware that respiratory distress will follow. in the past a heart stopping elixer was combined with the morphine to induce death but now that function is achieved with ativan.
whats even more disturbing is how patients are being evaluated for their value to society. the va is forever asking me about my relationship with my sons and even if i have a romantic interest. they are implying that they will not spend money on me unless my demise affects a number of people. its rather scary because if an older person doesnt have much money chances are they dont have adult children lovingly hanging around them. i answered 100 yes or no questions for the va recently. too dam many of them kept referring back to whether i had a belief system or not. i think christians may be getting preferential treatment in this country..

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