summersun777 Asked August 2010

Help I need a Break! We’re paying too much for care, what are our other options?


My mother has been in an assited living costing $ 4500. per month for the last three months and I am about to pass out from exhaustion trying to help her and angry at my brother and his wife because they just don't care. I think we are paying way too much for the level of care that she is getting. What kind of facility is good for a woman in her late 80's who is not ill but has high blood pressure, is mobile with a walker and needs some attention or companionship. I am drained.

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Eddie Aug 2010

It really pays to browse this website. As I read your post, I noticed a link to the left of the screen: it read "Assisted Living Facility." Below it is says I could've done without the "ass" at the end of it, but it made me smile. Anyway, click on it for listings.

When caregiving stresses the hell out of us, often we don't notice the best sources are right under our noses. ... Did I just write a poem?

-- ED
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karalana Aug 2010
Where are you located?
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TheFixer Aug 2010
Assisted living, without extra care, runs about $3600 in my area. I would visit other assisted Living communities to compare prices and amenities and/or check with the Housing Authority for low income assisted living options. Good Luck!
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