How do you pay for burial expenses with the deceased life insurance policy?

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I don't know how it is in other places, but where I live funeral homes expect to be paid immediately. So when my dad passed away, we paid for the funeral out of his estate. Afterwards I filed the death certificate, etc. with the insurance company. The estate was reimbursed when the insurance company sent the life insurance check.
My mother has dementia, etc. & has been living with us for the past few months. I know that as time goes on the cost of her care will use up all of her remaining funds. So about two months ago my siblings & I set down with a planner at my mothers preferred funeral home & made all of the arrangements. We paid for all of the arrangements at that time also.
I had an elder care attorney set up a irrevocable trust. I transferred my mothers house & two small life insurance policies into the trust. So, those assets are protected as long as my mother survives the 5-year look back period. When my mother passes away the assets in thee trust will be distributed per the terms of her will.
Funeral homes will wait for life insurance to be paid-actually it is better to have them wait for the insurance to be paid so that way they will help with the paperwork. I paid the bill right off and the funeral home did not help me with any of the paperwork and a friend was helped greatly with all the paperwork and I later found out my funeral home did not help me because there was no need to help because they got paid so quickly. On serval threads I have noticed the questions being asked do not line up with the answers-this has happened a lot and I feel sorry for those who are not getting their questions answered correctly-everyone's questions are importanr-I hope AC looks into this.
Who is the beneficiary of the insurance policy? I hope it is someone who has agreed to use it for funeral expenses.

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