What do you do with a parent who is on a fatalistic path with alcohol, diabetes, and he threatens suicide?

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Dad lives in FLa, my sister (in Indiana) and myself ( in Maryland) are constantly getting emails about he is taking pills, cant take care of himself, he has guns in the house ect. he has called 911 for help more than once, and they and the hospital are over him. My sister and I dont know what to do, we have tried getting him to move with us.or at least close to one of us, We dont know what we can legally do with him, and dont know where to turn to. we believe he is depressed along with having diabetes, and being an alcoholic

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Calling someone an alcohic is a pretty strong name unless u have something 2 back that up with especially since u all live diff. states, I assume u grew up with him in past yrs. but people can slow/stop drinking,pill popping is another situation that does'nt mix with alcohol,do u have any present knowledge of his use/abuse ?
My dad is on a similar path, although he lives 8 hours away. We're trying to get him help with depression and I think that diabetes has affected his state of mind and is fueling depression/suicide though the confusion and pain and loss of former basic life skills. One thing we found that really had an impact was a life threatening viatmin deficiency. If you do get him to a doctor, perhaps asking for a full diagnostic or blood test for vitamins and overall health could assist in his recovery or treatment. Vitamin D can cause "cognitive impairment" and has been flagged as a major contributor to my father's current state of health.

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