How can I get help with oxygen for my husband if he has no insurance?

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should we apply for medicial help through our county?

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Without knowing what your financial situation is, this question is difficult to answer, however, you may petition your County Commissioners for assistance if you are indigent. Medicaid pays for oxygen. Go to your minister to ask for financial help. Call your local ombudsman. If you husband is a veteran, he may receive financial help for oxygen. SS disability would provide needed monies to purchase the oxygen. Don't forget community service organizations and if you and your family are financially capable of covering the cost, you are still the first payment source.
Good advice above. Most people that require Oxygen can get disability. You can get a new concentrator for $500 to $800 but are not very portable. consider contacting the local ministerial association ....they may be willing to help. Consult your oxygen supplier.....also some states have a private low income medical loan progrand. The one in our state has done loans for Oxygen Wheelchair can. Also contact social Services at your hosp.
good luck !
I suggest, if you have not resolved your situation to contact the local Area Agency on Aging, Long-term Services and Support for assistance. The general populus do not know about their Area Agency on Aging.
Medicaid generally cares for the indigent, but you must first qualify and apply. In the meantime, look up the Council or Agency on Aging in your area. They are most helpful and may even have some listed on their website. You can also check with the Health Resource Services Agency, clergy. You might also try the nearest Social Services office as well as the nearest Health Care Center/Agency. Most of them are in touch with social workers all the time. If you can find a social worker that knows the ends and outs of your area, they will most definitely be able to assist or know who can.
If your husband was prior military, there are stipulations about length of service and how he was discharged as well as the time frame in which he served, but you can call a VA service center nearest you.
With so many unknowns, I hope we've been able to assist in some way.

IF you must pay for it out-of-pocket, and think you can manage them, the old fashioned metal O2 tanks are cheap.
FAR cheaper than the O2 concentrator machines.
But if someone cannot afford oxygen, Please contact your nearest Area Agency on Aging, and get some local advice.
Medicare/Medicaid pays for it, if person has a qualifying diagnosis and Doc's orders.

I had to move my Mom's 3rd husband over 2 State Lines, in the back of a camper.
NO agency would send him with an O2 concentrator [because they are rented, and cannot be shipped back], but we got word from a supplier, that we could do it using the old-fashioned tanks [which can be laid horizontally], and not worry about returning them to the State we left.

SOMEtimes, the O2 supplier companies can be very helpful...if you find the right Company Rep.
!) Get the prescription for the 02 in all its forms....concentrator, mask delivery, or portable. Price out all three forms of oxygen. Decide which is quicker for the patient. If you can wait, then contact the state agency's Medicaid office. If you can not wait, then pay for it out-of-pocket. Remember we're talking about someone's life here.
Thanks alot everybody for your help does anybody out there know of the side effects of having an steriod epidural injection? just had my first ine with no releif at all.
Has any one has an epidural steroid injection I had my 1st one still no releif
Ummmm. I'm surprised that you have not had any relief at all yet. The experienced doctor knows exactly what spot to inject for the different types of problems. Perhaps you ought to go back to the physician and ask for someone else to inject you. Usually it works right away. Relief is amazing.
I have a brother you has no insurance but is in need of oxygen due to sleep abdomin please help

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