Does anyone check the qualifications of the caregivers being sent out to the elderly by the country programs that are offered to help families with caregivers?

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live in hernando fl ty

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Not sure what you mean by oversight. are you having a problem with quality of aides being sent or do you want help from a program. If you live in Hernando county florida, maybe this site will help.

hi tired, tx so much for info. we have been receiving help from the senior serice waiver program. yes the problem is with the agencies contracted with the county, they send 2 people out at 1x with little or no experience. my ? of oversite being, does anyone see/check the qualifications of the caregivers being sent out to the elderly and i dont mean the agencies providing the service.
My mother has the state nursing home waiver program. Don't know if you have the same thing but I had to select a provider and they have a case manager and any problems with agency aides they send I report to case manager, if I first do not get cooperation from the agency that supplies the aide. They get their business from the state so I would think they would address your concerns since you can complain to the provider and then to the state. Do not settle for unqualified or uncooperative aides. Document the problems and first call the agency that hired them and sent them and then go to the case manager for the program that hires the agency. there is also an appeal process for those providers if you are dealing with the long term care diversion program. Is there a possiblily that the agency doesn't understand what type of aide is needed? I tell them clearly, I need an aide strong enough, don't afraid of pets, during this time schedule, etc. Be very detailed or they will send the least experienced and qualfied, especially if they don't have anyone else. But the provider works with several, not one agency, at least in my county, so ask to see a list and call around. You have a right to get a qualified aide.
This might help also. From this state of florida site .
Q&B A: I am looking for a list of licensed home health care providers. Ideally, I would also like to see some descriptive information and information about ratings, inspection reports, etc... Where can I find this information?

The Department of Health (DOH) does not regulate home health type agencies. The Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) regulates and licenses homemaker companion, home health, and health care service pool agencies as well as other health related facilities.

Scroll down until you see the name of the facilities you are interested in then select a county. Should you have additional questions regarding licensing, you may contact AHCA directly at (850) 414-6010.

Information on medical licensing can be found at DOH’s Medical Quality Assurance website:

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