What outside activities are provided at the assisted living facilities for high functioning residents?

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Our mother is very high functioning & is frustrated that the only activities that seem to be offered are bingo & transportation once a week to medical appointments on a first come-first served basis. We wonder what kinds of community outings are provided for the residents--shopping, lunch, movies, picnics, etc. Our other concern, of course, is the monthly costs involved in your least assisted level of care, followed by the second most minimal level of care. Finally, what is the availability of immediate move-in? Thank you very much.

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This is a forum for caregivers to share their experiences. It appears that you are looking for information about assisted living centers, yes?

Try the "Find Senior Housing" box on this site.
good luck
Here's the situation: Mom lives in a city in another state near another family member who is unable to make visits as frequently as Mom would like. This is a male family member who is doing all he can to raise two small children on his own & maintain his livelihood. He will visit her once a month, taking her out for lunch or dinner & to the store. Aside from these visits, she reports that there is nothing stimulating happening at her facility. The extent of entertainment or stimulation is playing Bingo each day. There is the opportunity for a weekly doctor visit via the facility van, however, if it fills up quickly, leaving no room, no chance for a doctor visit. No shopping trips, etc. This is an assisted living situation. The clientele is mixed with alzheimers patients although Mom is very much aware of her surroundings, interested in socializing, & very frustrated, as are we--moving from place to place is unfeasible.
Kdk, I think Lilli is probably right, your mom may not be a good candidate for asst living. Now the one where my mother-in-law lives, has a retirement section AND asst living for the transition when it comes time. Probably your mom would be happier in a retirement place instead of asst living. Even then if she's not able to drive herself around, she's stuck with whoever will haul her around. She's needs to find a hobby that will keep her busy if she stays where she's at.
An example of appropriate hobbies would really help here.
KDK. There are many types of adult living situations and terms vary geographically. The assisted living situation I recently had experience with had residents that couldn't transfer from bed to chair to toilet etc. Is that where your Mom is? Why is she in assisted living? Is she mobil? Able to perform the activities of daily living? Can she handle meal prep? Does she need medicine assistance? Etc Etc. If she is high functioning and looking for more stimulation, it seems to me that she would be a good candidate for senior housing or the independent side of a continuing care community. What other options do you see in the geographic area she needs to be in?
Just a heads up, this question was asked SIX YEARS AGO.

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