Our 93-year-old grandma has been put into Taylor House. Her financial power of attorney is telling us the weekly cost is $6000 a week. Is this true?

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Ask for an itemized bill. I don't know what Taylor house is but where I lived in Florida a very high end nursing home is 80K a year. So Taylor House sounds a little expensive to me. Make them show the bill.
Taylor House is for a person going into Hospice. Her Power of Attorney is telling us that it is this amount. Do we have the right to request a statement from the care center even though this person controls her health and finances? I just want to know that our grandmother is not being taken advantage of by this person.
Who is her POA? All POA, if honest, will be open with family. Taylor House should at least give you an idea of the weekly cost. Where I live in Florida we have a beautiful hospice home, I don't know what it costs. I do know that most hospice is done at home through Medicare. Medicare pays for hospice care but not room and board in a nursing home. But even if she were in a nursing home, it shouldn't cost this much. I would be very suspicious.
Just think, I live in a very expensive area of Florida. One of my neighbors has a wife in a nursing home here. It is 80K a year, above the national average. That is about 1,600 per week. That adds up to about 6,000.00 per month. Maybe the POA meant monthly, not weekiy. That would be more like it.
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Hi, your question has really bothered me so I did a little research, hospice can cost 6,000 a week if you have no insurance coverage. Does grandma have medicare or medicaid? That should cover the hospice, now the cost of the facility is a difference thing. Medicare won't cover that. This all bothers me because of the secrecy. I am dealing with alot of secrecy in my family and it only cases problems. If the POA is paying for hospice care with no insurance it could cost that much. But the facility is another cost. Good luck.
There is no reason that you should not be able to find out the cost of your Grandmother living there. It was always public knowlege what a place would charge people to stay there at places that I worked at in North Carolina. So just go right ahead and ask questions.
I found a Taylor House in Iowa. Is this the one? I would call and ask them specifically about the cost. They might be reluctant to discuss specifics but you should be able to get a rough idea. $312,000 per year would be luxury. Perhaps there is some additional medical care involved which might increase the amount. I would be shocked if your grandma doesn't have Medicare which would help funding. If the cost is really $312,000/yr or $6000.00/wk I am in disbelief. It is the business to get into at that rate. Why not offer to take care of your grandma yourself especially if she is relatively ok? You could have 24 hr RN coverage and more for at that rate. Something doesn't sound quite right. There is no stigma associated with asking concerned questions.
I agree, and have contacted the Taylor House in Des Moines where our grandmother is staying. They told me what the rates are and they are no where near the $6,000.00 that we were told it costs. I have decided to contact an attorney to see if we can get financial information from her financial POA since she has been reluctant to give us this information in the past, and became upset with our grandmother when she asked questions about her own money.
Good idea about an attorney. Is your grandma of sound mind? Or, put another way, has she ever been declared not mentally sound? If she has not, she can terminate the POA. And, if she is not sound, you can petition to take over or for someone else to do so. If sound, you don't necessarily need an attorney. Wishing you success.
she was in a good state of mine, but since her fall they have had her on morphine. When she is not on so much morphine she is able to understand what is going on. Like any older person they trust family members and don't believe that they would take advantage of them. Thank you for your support.

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