For those using incontenence supplies do you order them online to be sent directly to the home?

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To maintain independence for loved ones wishing to set up home delivery on incontinence supplies to the home and/or assisted living facility. welcome introductions to supply companies that you might use.

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We have been ordering from Sam's
club for past 3 years. We pay less
Than $32 for a box of 72 large protective
Pull up pants....and that includes shipping in
A brown box.
I have been considering doing so - am interested to see responses with good vendor recommendations.
Yes! I order MY OWN supplies from Byram Healthcare and or H.D.I.S.
I have also ordered the ABENA Abri Form X Plus and the Abena Abi Sans booster pads...BOY! Do THEY work WELL! I also have Medicaid covering my supplies, Tranquility Slimlines and Dignity Booster pads. The best combo with ANY diaper...or AKA Briefs.
How do you have Medicaid cover them? Does there need to be a prescription or ???
I think that my husband's doctor did have to authorize incontinence supplies. Then all I had to do was call the supply company approved by the insurance company administering the Medicaid policy when ever we needed another case, and they were delivered within a few days. It could also be set up for a regular amount per month, and no phone call would be necessary. Disposable bed pads and gloves were available as well.
Look at sams club online. You can get
Pull UPS for about $ 32 per case
Of 72
..and that includes shipping..$8 per

Far cheaper than many websites listed here

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