My 83-year-old mother is becoming obessed with a few things. She does has some dementia and a bad memory. Is this part of dementia?

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About 6:30 in the evening, mother starts wanting to lock up the house, pull the garage door down, close the drapes. About 8:00pm, while we are watching TV, she starts in on the time...what time is it? And, are we ready to eat our ice cream. This goes on until 9:00pm. Then, we'll eat our ice cream and she'll go to bed...after she asks us are we ready for bed yet or are we staying up to watch this movie. I tell her our bedtime is 10:00. She goes on to bed. During all this time, she is worrying about the lighting in the room. She ends up having all the lights turned on. Her eye sight is poor, so she has to have on a lot of lights.

And, tonight, our daughter got to see some of her obsession in action. My husband and I ran to Walmart and my daughter stayed with mother. She said mother kept asking her to call us. Our daughter would tell her not yet. Then, she'd ask where I was and when was I coming home. She said this went on every few minutes. I actually called home twice in the two hours I was gone because I knew mother would be about to run our daughter nuts with questions.

She is getting worse about her obsessions. Is this dementia or sundowning? Is there anything I can do about it? Thank you.

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To me it sounds like anxiety, with some compulsion thrown in, but a professional would know for sure. Your mother could probably be helped by seeing her doctor, who might prescribe some medication to lessen her anxiety. It sounds like this anxiety is getting to be pretty constant.

And, yes, I have found with my father that all kinds of cognitive changes are occurring, including "psychiatric" behavioral changes. In other words, it's not just memory problems we're seeing with him. We are also seeing a dramatic change in his personality. I have found good help from his doctors, and I hope you do too. Good luck.
My mom has Alzheimer's and does this all the time. Yesterday I went out for a few hours (told her where I was going first) and she still asked my brother over and over where I was and kept checking the garage for my car.
my mother in law does the same thing. She starts about 6 pm and will keep pestering dad to go to bed. She is worried about the windows the doors and keeps telling me that she sees a man with a cap outside. There is never anyone there but she keeps tellilng me that he is out there.
My mother also is constantly checking doors and windows. Her bedroom is on the second floor of the house but will not allow her window to be open ( she says the Boogyman will get her) She has a constant need of reassurance that I will always take care of her, understand her fear since her other 9 children seemed to have forgotten their mother even exists. Like you I keep her on a tight schedule, it helps her to stay calm but whenever I have to go out and need one of my siblings to care for her she spends the whole time asking for me. I believe that as their caretakers they imprint on us and only trust us. Good luck.
My Dad has dementia too and he seems obsessed with certain things now too. I would definitely ask her doctor.
hi DJ--To me, based upon my experiences, this sounds like either a dementia or a bad case of UTI as she sounds very confused and off the wall. If possible have this matter checked out by a physician as soon as possible as there may be help just around the bend.
Best to you and your family,
im with sonyam check with your dr
Definitely make sure she doesn't have a UTI. This can cause drastic personality changes. Been taking care of Mom for 4 years now, and OCD is a big part of Parkinsons and dementia. She never stops!!! Hands are always in motion, either rubbing or grabbing, or picking at something. It is very hard to have to watch and will drive you crazy! If she gets stuck on a subject, agree with whatever she is saying, then redirect her attention to something else. This will usually work for a while.
Be prepared, because this will get worse. The doctor can prescribe meds to help, but they can take only so much without being able to function. I'm sorry you are having to go through this, but it is a very real part of the disease. Keep coming here to talk about it. Most of us are going through it too. Good luck!
Thank you everyone for your replies and helpful comments. I will tell mother's doctor what she is doing because it has gotten worse in the past few weeks. My daughter is living with us for a few weeks and she can really see mother's "going down hill" over the past months.

What is UTI? I haven't come across this. I've seen OCD, but as far as I can tell from the description, she probably doesn't have this.

Thanks again.
I think it means urinary tract infection.

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