What are the financial requirements of going to a nursing home?

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what are the financial requirements. wuld blue cross and medicare take care it. do i loose my husbands social security?also how much financially am i able to have in bank savings checking

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It sounds like your husband may be going into a nursing home or going on Medicaid. Every state is a little different. Blue Cross doesn't cover nursing homes, nor does Medicare. You might want to call adult social services (in your phone book) for some assistance.
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If you qualify by income, you may be eligible for Medicaid assistance. Speak with your doctor, social services in your town, or call the hospital and ask to speak with a social worker to help get you startd. When you fill out the paperwork they will tell you how much income/property you can keep.

Here is the Medicaid website: http://www.cms.gov/MedicaidEligibility/02_AreYouEligible_.asp#TopOfPage

If you pay privately, monthly charges can be anywhere from $6,000. to $8,000.

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