Can a nursing home owner refuse to let my mother leave with me?

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he thinks she is incompianent. he is not a doctor.i have made 4 trips t get her from my house in dallas to tn. he has also called police on me for badgering his employees to let me take her. she is 92. my brother kinapped her in 2008 and i just found brother has phony poa and spent 250,000. of her money and has no reciets, i spent 7000. trying to get conservership and judge did not even look at papers, said no bed sores. she stays here. she is not being abused. i would like her close to visit her or even keep her at home. help

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Try contacting the long-term care ombudsman in the area where the nursing home is. You can go online to and type in the Zip code, or else you can go online to her state website and look there. Their job is to help with nursing home problems.
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