Will a nursing home accept SSI and Pension income in payment for long term care?

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Parent recently diagnosed with dementia. Other physical problems prevent self-care and family has no assets to contribute nor can it provide a place to live. Can parent sign-over monthly ss and pension payments to the facility? The payments will continue until death.

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How does the sum of the SS plus pension compare to the monthly rate at the nursing home?

If the NH charges $3,500/month and the resident's income = $4,000/month, hey no problem. The only thing to negotiate is what happens when rates go up.

But if the income =$2,500 and the NH costs $4,000, then something else has to fill the gap.

What usually fills the gap is either selling assets, or Medicaid. Does your parent have assets in addition to income? Have you looked at applying for Mecicaid?

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