Sleepy Father in Law, is this normal?

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I am living full time with my 80 year old father in law. I know what meds he is on and monitor them. But even before he began these meds, he was falling asleep sitting up all the time. I'm just wondering; is it normal for him to continually dose off and on all day and during the evening? He loves to watch tv all day (tried to get him to do things, but he just wants to watch tv). Is this just an old age thing?

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My father is going through similar stuff. I remind him of pills, shots, to empty his 24 hr. catheter bag, he's hard of hearing, has no social life, doesn't drive, doesn't use the phone, wears a life alert necklace sometimes, doesn't shower well, stinks, watches tv alot and sometimes just sits staring into space with no tv on. Like a young child he'll purposely eat wrong when I happen to be out and he'll casually tell me his bag leaks or he has a totally wet bed and he covered it all up to "let it just dry". NERVE WRECKING MIND BLOWING I have thoughts of how he'd have at least some sort of social life if he lived in a nursing home of some sort...I wish I could get rid of him sometimes
My mother (84) is the same way. She does not sleep at night and so then sleeps during the day. She sleeps better sitting up, she says, so she sleeps in her "chair" on and off most of the day. I figure that she is better off getting sleep no matter where so I don't worry too much. However, I think I need to talk to her doctor about some different sleeping pills as the ones she is taking do not seem to be helping her. If your father in law is happy with how he is living I would just leave him alone. If however he shows signs of depression I would worry.
I'd like Pawpaw daycare sometimes that doesn't cost much...if anything....Hernando County, Fla.
mom may have breathing problems making it easier to sleep in a chair.

dad may not be faking it,he may be confused when you're not around.

f-i-l may just be slowing down.what time did he usually sleep.everyone has their own circadium rhythm,doesn't have to match yours. All need a good check up though to make sure something else isn't going on.alzheimers.low thyroid,heart problems. sarah alabama
Also, there is the possibility of sleep apnea. This would keep him awake during the night and he would sleep better sitting up in a chair. The doctor can set him up with a sleep study and they can recommend treatment based on that.
Dear toni, my Dad has Alzheimer's, so I study it a lot. Mom has _____ ? Some of those warning signs include: 1. finding it hard to plan or complete everyday tasks, or losing track of steps involved in preparing a meal. They may be unable to find a toothbrush or forget how to shower, and perhaps why they should do it. 2. Changes in personality may include becoming confused or dependent on a family member. 3. Loss of initiative induces them to become very passive, sitting in front of a TV for hours, sleeping more than usual or not wanting to do usual (or unusual) activities. Do they do things purposefully? In many cases, that's what it seems like, but I am finding they can't help it, and it's not always in their control.

These symptoms don't always mean the person has Alzheimer's either. Best to get a complete check up. Are there other symptoms as well. I scoured through many books, noted and listed the similarities, and took it to a Physician. They can answer these questions with further testing.

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