Is it normal for an Alzheimer’s patient to not be paying attention to where they are going as if they are walking in a cloud?

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I was out with mom yesterday, at a parade, we had to walk a little distance in the street to get to our spot, I was very nervous that she would fall because she walks as if her mind is in a cloud. I've always got to hold onto her arm, so she doesn't trip going down or up a curb or trip on a rock, or walk too far into the street. Is this something that is normal for a person with Alzheimers? I'd like to take her out, but it seems there is a safety issue with her.

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A parade sounds like way too much stimulation for a person with dementia. Watching one on TV might be better for her. Simplifying her surroundings and providing a secure environment will also ease your worry about her. Blessings:)
My mother too suffers from Alz. She often walks/ wanders without paying attention to where she's going. It appears that its gotten worse with time. I too have to have "one hand-on" at all times when she walks. In my opinion, its one of the symptoms of the condition....
if youre planning to go bye bye , best bet is to get a wheelchair or a walker with wheels on em . so u wont have to worry about hangin on to her or lose her in the crowd ,
And I'd get the kind of walker that my mother-in-law has, the no frills, only 2 wheels, no hand brakes, no seat kind too. My mil can't be trusted to remember to grab the brake handles if she were to start to fall. Also, I wonder if what you think is 'walking around in a cloud' is just not remembering what she's doing or where's she's going. So she just walks with you.

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