My 61-year-old husband is beginning to not walk. Is this normal?

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I one word NO. But I never stop at one word....

My hubby has been getting less mobile and he and his doctor were ignoring it until recently. He was told "well, you might have a touch of arthritis" and left at that. At age 62. It did not bother him enough that he could not go on walks with me, and he got way too good at finding parking spots up close every time we went anywhere.
His wake up call was having to use a wheelchair at the airport. We found a new doctor - a geriatirc "logevity" specialist who has told him in no uncertain terms he must move more and take steps to lose weight, up to and including bariatric surgery. If you can't find a way to reverse the loss or mobility, he may be headed for assisted living at an early age. I wish you and him the best, and assure you it would be very well worth it to try to keep your "golden years" more golden!
No, it doesn't sound normal.

Could you be a little more specific? Does he have trouble walking? Is he unstable on his feet? Lose his balance easily? Has he had falls? Or does he seem to have decided he prefers not walking?

Do you mean he doesn't walk from the couch to the dinner table, or that he no longer enjoys a mile walk in the evening?

How is he getting around now? Wheelchair? Walker?

Does he work?

Doe he have other health issues?

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