Is it ok for a non family member to attend my father's doctors appt with him and ask questions, take notes ?

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I live 3 hours from my father. When he does go to the doctor he never remembers what was said. I doubt that he asks any questions.
Would a doctor allow a non family member to go with my father in the exam room, ask questions and take notes?
Would I be able to hire an off duty or retired nurse to do this ?

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There is a privacy form that every dr office makes the paitent sign. I always list on that form myself and anyone else who should have access to the patient's care. Ask them for such a form . Here is a possible solution if you want to be "present". Can you give your father a cell phone with a speaker and you call him while he is in the exam room so you can hear what is going on? Other option: call the dr yourself to discuss any concerns and to get a report assuming your father will sign permission for you to do so.

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